Sully (2016)(Movie Review)

Genre: Biography, Drama

Director: Clint Eastwood

Lead cast: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney

My Rating: 7/10

(if you want to watch something which will make you feel that your time is well spent watch Sully)

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Ever imagined what it is like to fly an airplane. High above the ground among the clouds, just like birds!. When you think about it, it seems beautiful, isn’t it? Well there are people whose job is to fly an airplane and they think the same. Some might even say that it is the best job in the world. Sully as a movie shows us the other side of the spectrum where the greatest horror of a pilot is shown i.e. an emergency landing. Though every one of these professionals are trained for such a situation but none would want to face it.

Sully is based on the crash of US airways flight 1549 “on” the Hudson river of New York(it is made clear in the movie that the plane didn’t crash but it safely landed). Though the movie focuses more on the investigation of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and Captain Jeff Skiles after the incredible landing we do get to see the landing about three times. It shows that though the media had already declared Sully as the ‘hero’ but NTBS hadn’t finished their investigation on the crash. Though we know what happened to the flight in real life (and there by knowing the end of the movie) it still is able to hold our attention throughout. It has a certain tension in it showing us not the heroic but the human side of the incident.

The movie Starts off with a scene where the flight crashes into a skyscraper in the city, this is later revealed to be a dream of Captain Sully. This is one of the most important scene as it gets the audience’s attention as to what’s happening the movie. I had a WTF moment as I thought that it’s not possible for the flight to crash. This set’s up the mood of the movie and also tell us what Sully has been thinking ever since he landed his flight on the river, it’s ” Had I made the right decision?” This is quite a concern for sully as the NTBS is quite certain that the plane could have returned the airports safely and that Sully didn’t need to take such a risk. Also it is later revealed that he did not follow the standard procedure for such kinds of situations but went on with his decades of experience and says, “I eyeballed it” which goes on to worsen his case. According to the reports of NTBS simulations, which were run multiple times, showed that the flight had enough altitude to return to the airport. Sully was in jeopardy as he would lose his job just at the end of his career which would result in him losing his pension too. At some places I get some vibes that he is having some problems in his family but that area remains unexplored in the movie.(Which is the only disappointing thing about it)

The movie ends with a beautiful monologue by our captain. Sully is a movie about being human. At the time of crash the captain does not lose his humanity in panic but remained calm and saved 155 lives(a feat never been achieved before) and even after becoming an overnight sensation he remains human ,does not act like a God  but is concerned about his family’s future.


Steins;Gate (2011 Anime Review)

Genre: Sci-fi, thriller

Distributor: FUNimation entertainment

First aired: April 6,2011

(This is a spoiler free review)

Time travel is a concept that every Sci-fi enthusiast like me loves. Writing Sci-fi in general is not easy and time travel among the other sub-genre is (according to me) the most difficult to compose. This is because our knowledge of time travel is very limited ,no one has ever experienced it before. The science behind it (if there is any) is only theoretical, the chances of there being plot holes are huge and to make the ends meet is the biggest achievement in the stories of this genre. So, is Steins;Gate the best anime out there on based around the concept of Time travel?

No, it’s not just the best anime but it is the best motion picture that I have ever seen. I am not a science genius so I mostly buy the technobabble thrown at me, that’s why I will not be commenting on that aspect of the Steins;Gate (although I am not an absolute fool in this matter also and with regards to whatever I know it is pretty convincing). In all the other aspects Steins;Gate is the perfect time travel based anime; it has the perfect pacing, though in the first 3-4 episodes you might lose your patience as you will not be told any reason behind what’s happening. The characters development is flawless, every character that you will be introduced to has a major place in the story. Almost  everything that  a character does has an effect on the story(this is something most of the best works don’t pay attention to). Every episode is able to get the audience more and more involved into the story. The greatest thing about this anime is that- you will be confused(in a good way) all the time while watching it till the episode 17, after which the genre slightly shifts towards drama rather than thriller, but this shift doesn’t destroy the series. What happens at this point in the show is that the audience are fully aware of what is happening and how it is happening. Every single person knows how a story ends ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’ but the real art is how a creator achieves this end. The last 8 episodes though are not strictly thriller but are the best way to conclude the story and let the ends meet.

I would advise you to watch this anime over the weekend when you have time because you won’t be able to resist the temptation to binge it and that will ruin your sleep.

For a list of Episodes visit MyAnimeList

John Wick (Movie Review)

Genre: Action

Directed By: David Leitch, Chad Stahelski

Written By: Joel Zadak, Derek Kolstad

My Rating: 7.5/10

John Wick is a movie about an “Ex-assassin” who refused to continue his job and start a normal life with his beloved. But he had to come out of retirement as his wife died within a short span of their marriage and her last gift to John (A puppy) was killed by the son of his former boss.

Though the movie has a very simple plot, the execution is marvellous. Normally movies like this take a similar approach using a major portion of the movie in building the love between the man and the lady before the tragedy but here we get nothing about Mrs. Wick- except for her funeral, a video recording which John constantly plays, and the adorable puppy which she gifted to John so the he can have someone to ‘LOVE’. We get to see John get attached to the dog and then one night Iosef Trasov with his gang breaks into his house and broke john’s nose, steals his car and KILLS the puppy. John enraged by this decides to go back and live the “glory days” of his life. Needless to say that Iosef is ignorant of the true identity of John goes to make fake papers of the car he stole. The car is immediately recognised by the dealer and he refuses to do anything with JOHN WICK’S car. In just about Twenty minutes the makers were able to hype the viewers about the legend that John wick is. He did tasks which were impossible for the rest of them and thus he was feared in the whole of the underworld. Every Gangster in the town has only question on their mouths “Is John Wick Back in the business?”

Action scenes in the movie are very lively. By this I mean that there are very few camera cuts in the action sequences and the camera is very steady thus producing very clean yet brutal action scenes. The writers have also paid attention to an overlooked aspect of every action scene i.e. what happens to the bodies of dead enemies. Well it turns out that the Underworld has its own type of cleaning services which specialises in precisely this task.


In collusion: Excellent action in the movie. You get exactly what you expect and Keanu Reeves is just the icing on the cake with his superb acting skills. The movie is genuinely very entertaining and in no universe you will be wasting your time by watching it.

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